P7 at Benmore

Although the weather wasn’t quite as kind to us in the afternoon yesterday, we all had a great time. There was a very muddy mountain biking session which Mr Law enjoyed, (even though he hadn’t been on a bike for 10 years!) climbing and abseiling, orienteering, gorge walking and even caving, which although wasn’t on our programme some children had the chance to do as it was a bit too windy for canoeing and everyone loved!

In the evening the we played a game of ‘Hunt the Teacher’. All of the staff hid outside in the dark around the centre and the children had to work in teams and find them, collecting information from them to obtain a secret code. What we are most impressed with is the way all of the children from the two classes are mixing and the amazing team work they are demonstrating. We are all looking forward to the disco tonight and getting our glad rags on instead of our red waterproofs!

We will be back 1:30/2pm tomorrow and Mrs Scott will text you all with our expected arrival time and any changes tomorrow.