Our School History

Craiglockhart Primary School was built in 1903. It has remained virtually unchanged on the outside and is a listed building.

The south door and stair (at the top of the playground) used to be the girls door and the main entrance used to be the boys door. The wall down the middle of the playground segregated the boys from the girls although the classes were mixed. Everyone marched into school to the sound of a piano based on the top corridor, playing patriotic songs.

During the Second World War brick air raid shelters were built in the back playground. The children thought the air raids were extremely exciting, especially as they got a sweetie for going into the shelter!

All of the classrooms had tiered seating and open fires which the janitor would come to light in the winter. The students even helped the janitor stoke the coke fired boiler in the basement!

The glass cabinet in the hall, which now contains our school trophies used to contain a jar of snakes, eggs and even a huge stuffed eagle!