Primary 4

Primary 4 Parent Information

Hi all, the excitement of Halloween and Guy Fawkes night has almost passed and we are nearly on the countdown to Christmas, we would like to update you on some current learning that will be happening in our classrooms.

Please keep encouraging your child to read at home. It’s great to see such enthusiasm for reading. In class we are making time for personal reading to increase engagement in reading.
Our comprehensions skills that we will be covering include:
• Expanding our understanding of genres.
Looking at literary features of a story.
• Telling the difference between fact and opinion.
• Reading and analysing non-fiction books.


In writing we are continuing to work on identifying good examples of VCOP. The children will be focusing on the use of to mark contracted forms (for example, I’m for I am), speech marks and commas. We are learning to assess our own writing by analysing vocabulary, punctuation and grammar to edit our own work.
We are encouraging the children to learn and use the correct terminology for parts of speech such as adjectives, verbs, connectives, nouns and pronouns. Encourage your child to point out some of these whilst they are reading – you could play word detectives with them.
The children will be exploring how to successfully plan and write a narrative by building character profiles, describing settings and identifying key features.


Over the next few weeks we will be learning different spelling patterns and the spelling words for the week will be shared on online (Teams)

Numeracy and Maths

Over the course of the next 6 weeks we would like the children to focus on the times tables and we will begin to do division sums using remainders.
We will be moving on to explore a unit of work on properties of 2D shapes and 3D objects. Then just before Christmas, we will delve into pattern and sequences.
We recommend a website called Topmarks – it has some fantastic educational games if you want more practise at home. Here are some specific links to games to consolidate learning.


This term we will be studying the Vikings all the way to the end of January ending with a the Up Helly Aa celebrations. There are many useful resources online to explore Scotland’s heritage and connection with the Vikings. Here are a few fantastic resources worth looking at:

Religious Education

We are starting a block of work on Christianity and are hoping to have a visit to Polwarth Church. We will be investigating the Christian faith in Scottish society and around the world including how they demonstrate their beliefs through prayer, worship and special ceremonies.


We will begin a unit on fitness and athletic skills this term with a focus on how best we can improve our fitness in the safest way possible. We will explore the importance of warming up and cooling down and the effects it has on our body. We will also be trying to improve our stamina and strength.

We are continuing with how to introduce ourselves in French including name, age and where we live. We will continue to consolidate previous learning of numbers and colours. We will also learn about Christmas in Francophone cultures. Song is a fantastic way to revisit previous learning and set it to memory. You can find some excellent resources from Alain le Lait on Youtube

Some useful links:

Here is a useful website for practising spelling words:

Individual Complex Sound Chart

out of this world posters



Below are links to documents with showing you a step by step approach to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These are the strategies the children learn for mental maths and allow them to hold numbers in their head and manipulate them. Get your child to show you the strategy they are working on!

Addition processes Stage 1

Addition processes Stage 2

Addition Stage 3

Subtraction processes Stage 1

Subtraction processes Stage 2

Subtraction processes Stage 3

Subtraction processes Stage 4

Subtraction processes Stage 5

Multiplication processes Stage 1

Multiplication processes Stage 2

Multiplication processes Stage 3

Multiplying tenths

Multiplying hundredths

Division processes Stage 4

Division processes Stage 3

Division processes Stage 2

Division processes Stage 1

Division process Stage 5

Decimal division Stage 6: