Primary 7

Home Learning

Below are copies of the home learning ‘Spelling Menu’ which you can use to support your child, when practising their spelling words. Spelling words will be shared on Teams each week and children can complete an activity from the sheet if they wish.

P5-7 Spelling Menu


You can support your child at home with their reading by sharing a wide range of texts- any text, it doesn’t matter if it is a novel, non-fiction book, graphic comic; anything that sparks their imagination. They can read to themselves, out loud or you read to them. It is all about developing fluency and comprehension and should happen regularly.  Below are a series of questions to support your child when reading. Click on the link to download the document.


Our reading focus for home learning will be Reading for Enjoyment. Developing a love of reading, being exposed to different texts and reading often with texts of a child’s own choosing is the greatest indicator to improvement in attainment. In school the children will be working on developing Higher Order Thinking Skills using class novels and group readers to develop their skills as readers.

HOTS questions

Bloom's triangle

Below is a list of websites for your child to practise their numeracy skills. Also below are links to documents with showing you a step by step approach to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These are the startegies the children learn for mental maths and allow them to hold numbers in their head and manipulate them. Get your child to show you the strategy they are working on!


Craiglockhart Mental Maths Strategies

Addition processes Stage 1

Addition processes Stage 2

Addition processes Stage 3

Subtraction processes Stage 1

Subtraction processes Stage 2

Subtraction processes Stage 3

Subtraction processes Stage 4

Subtraction processes Stage 5

Multiplication processes Stage 1

Multiplication processes Stage 2

Multiplication processes Stage 3

Multiplying tenths

Multiplying hundredths

Division processes Stage 1

Division processes Stage 2

Division processes Stage 3

Division processes Stage 4

Division process Stage 5

Decimal division Stage 6